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  • Ash

This is a very strong heavy, and hard type of wood. With our

addiction to perfection. Ash woods only offers the most durable

Ash wood around. Ash hardwood flooring adorns homes with a

Modern look yet maintains a classical touch. It has a light-

Colored to nearly white sapwood and its heartwood varies from

Greyish or light brown, to pale yellow streaked with brown. It is

Generally straight-grained with a coarse uniform texture.


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  • Beech

American beech is the only member of the Fagus genus that is

native to North American. It is probably best known for its very

smooth, grey bark. It has reddish-brown heartwood with thin

white sapwood and straight-grained pattern. It is a hard, strong,

close-grained wood which is easy to paint, stain or bleach.

*Reddish-brown heartwood with thin sapwood and

   straight-grained pattern.

*A hard, strong, close-grained wood, that is easy to paint,

   stain or bleach.


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  • Burmese Teak

The Burmese Teak with its rare beauty of rich golden streak and

decorative grain and texture is considered the most valuable and

versatile hardwood. It has a very low coefficient of expansion and

extraction because of its natural oils which makes the wood

stable. Burmese Teak is also one of the timbers that are not

susceptible to termite attacks.


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  • Iron Burmese Wood

The heartwood of Pyinkado is a rich reddish brown with some

darker streaks. This distinct reddish tone has been described

by many as a “luxury class” of red color. Pyinkado redwood is

sometimes called Burmese Ironwood due to its hardness. It

behaves well in the drying process, drying slowly but with very

little degrade. This species is an excellent choice for wood flooring

due to its durability and termite resistant properties.


*Reknown for almost 200years, each species has its own

   character and history. Each piece has an individual richness.

*Ranging in tone from pale.


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  • White Oak

This wood is practically synonymous with high-quality, durable

and distinctively attractive wood floors. It is a hard-wearing

timber which produces a tough long-lasting floor. The timber is

close grained with only minor color variations and is especially

suited for modern interiors.


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  • Maple

Maple makes very hard premium floor. Its color vary from

blonde to nutty brown. Maple has a fine, uniform texture, and

is strong, resistant to shock and generally straight grained.

However, “curly”, “fiddleback”, and “bird-eyes” figures do

appear occasionally.


Its sapwood is creamy white with a slight reddish brown tinge

and the heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown. The

amount of darker brown heartwood can differ significantly

according to growing regions. Both sapwood and heartwood

can contain pith fleck.


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  • Russian Pine

Pine wood is commercially among the most important species

used for timber in temperate and tropical regions of the world.

Many are grown as a source of wood pulp for paper manufacture.

This is because they are fast growing softwoods that can be

planted in relatively dense stands, and their acidic decaying

Needles may inhibit the growth of other competing plants in the

cropping areas.


It is commonly used to build ceiling, walls, cabinets, interior

finishes and wooden ware. It has light cream to slightly reddish

brown heartwood and yellow-white sapwood. It is usually straight

grained and easily worked.


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  • Tasmanian Oak

Originated from Tasmania, Australia, the name Tasmanian Oak

was first used by early European timber workers who believed

the eucalypts showed the same strength as English Oak.

Tasmanian oak is 35% harder than teak, just slightly softer than

white oak, 7% softer than hard maple and 30% softer than jarrah.

This hardwood timber is light-colored, ranging from straw to

light reddish brown.


* Reknown for almost 200 years, each species has its own

    character and history. Each piece has an individual richness.

* Ranging in tone from pale.


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  • Walnut

The sapwood of walnut is creamy white, while the heartwood is

light brown to dark chocolate brown, with an occasional purplish

cast and darker streaks. Walnut can be supplied steamed to

darker sapwood or left unsteamed. The wood is generally

straight grained, but sometimes with wavy or curly grain that

produces an attractive and decorative figure.

Black walnut is moderately heavy, hard, strong, stiff and has

good shock resistant properties. Grain patterns will vary from

very plain to highly intricate. this species can be easily worked on

with hand or machine tools. It take and holds paints and resists

stains exceptionally well, is readily polished and easily glued. The

wood finished beautifully with outstanding grain, color and pattern.


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